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Sketchbook Entry #15 - Bad Info Design 12-9-13

This is a sign in a parking lot on campus. I got ticketed for parking here AFTER 5 pm. The small print at the bottom states that you apparently have to pay to park there even after 5. I sent in a formal complaint because it is not obvious as to what the rules are. If they had better signs I would not have gotten a ticket. 

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Sketchbook Entry 14: Postmodern Design 12-2-13


Postmodern design moves away from modernism and brings back an interest in ornamentation and steers away from strict geometric shape. The Sydney Opera House is an example of this because it’s not a strict geometric shape and is a little more creative in it’s design. 

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"American Royalty" by Sam Spratt commissioned by Childish Gambino

Sam Spratt’s commissioned illustrations for actor/rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

"What began as cover art for his mixtape ‘Royalty’ evolved into a series of Rockwell-esque vignettes on Americana meant to highlight the side of hip-hop that tends to take a back seat to “money, cars, and jewelry” – where you come from.

The collection of 10 illustrations cover a wide-spectrum of the little moments – the struggles, the simple pleasures, the risks, the irony, the humor, the hopes, and the realities of the American life that maybe isn’t quite so cookie cutter.” Prints available at

These are beautiful.

11-30-13 week 12 entry 2

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Sketchbook Entry 13 - Website Critique 11-27-13

Above is the homepage of the website I designed in DM1.

Overall I think it’s fairly functional. It links to all the pages it needs to link to. I kept it fairly simple which I like but I could go back and tweak a few things. I still don’t like the way my last name looks, etc. All the links are in color (purple) so people know they are links. On each page there is a link back to the home page so that is consistent but I could make it more obvious where you are on the website with a navigation tool of some sort. As far as the Trunk Test goes, you know that it’s my personal website because of my name, the sections are clearly labeled, the navigation and “you are here” indicators could use some work. I also think it could be designed a little better aesthetically. However, I only use one typeface and a simple color scheme so all of the elements are there, they just need to be re-worked a little.